Grief from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective 

Traditional Chinese Medicine adopts a holistic view of the body where the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our beings are considered to be inseparable.  When we realize that our emotions and our organs are interconnected, this allows the healing process to begin.  

Our emotions are the most sensitive part of our beings.  This needs to be embraced and fully understood in order to maintain our balance while facing the life’s challenges.

Grief is an acute and deep pain that accompanies loss.  It is a natural emotion, that needs to be felt, in order to find peace and to let go.  

Although it is believed that there are distinct stages of grief, people may experience a number of different emotions.  This process can be indeed very personal and experiences can vary based on the individual.

As mentioned earlier, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, every emotion is linked to a physical organ or system. Therefore, in order to support our emotional wellbeing, it is imperative to support the life force that runs and maintains the physical vitality of the related organ/ system.

Every physical and or emotional symptom can help us diagnose the affected organ or system that needs to be properly cared for, in order to bring healing to the injured parts of our beings.

Generally speaking, grief and intense feeling of sadness is related to the functions of the lungs. Optimizing the functions of the respiratory system is essential to start the healing process.  

Deep breathing exercises, yoga, proper nutrition, herbal remedies, acupuncture and acupressure massage are all effective ways to properly deal with grief. 

Recognizing different emotions during challenging times such as anger, frustration, despair and fear is the first step towards dealing with these issues in a healthy, powerful and effective way.  

It is important to note that healing is a process. We need to be patient and identify our feelings, in order to give ourselves the opportunity to deal with our problems properly.  

Author: drrominataheri

Dr. Romina Taheri is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been practicing in Vancouver since 2009 and has been teaching acupuncture and the foundation of TCM since 2012. Her passion has always been focused in addressing physical and emotional issues by integrating her knowledge and experiences in different fields of study. She has studied sciences and earned degrees in Biology and Psychology before starting her endeavour in the field of Holistic Medicine.

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